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Know Your Air, Everywhere

Keep the air around you fresh wherever you go with Fresh Air Friend. Our portable carbon dioxide sensor is a vital companion, to help you avoid spaces with poor air ventilation so that you can prioritise your health and well-being. Take it to work, to the gym, on public transport, or wherever else you go to reduce your risk of catching COVID-19 and other airborne illnesses. At home, you can also monitor temperature and humidity to keep tabs on conditions conducive to mould growth and other elements impacting your health. With Fresh Air Friend, you can take safety with you wherever you go.

Stay sharp always.

A Portable Essential

Why just hope for fresh air when you can confirm it? Fresh Air Friend is your companion in maintaining a healthy environment. Our portable carbon dioxide sensor is a practical tool for anyone mindful of their health. It allows you to keep track of the air around you to prioritise health and safety, whether you're out and about or just relaxing at home.

Feature 1

Know Your CO2 Levels in Seconds

Our portable CO2 sensor gives you readings of the safety level of CO2 in the air. CO2 is a proxy for ventilation, as it builds up when people breathe out in poorly ventilated spaces. It is not recommended to be in rooms with > 800 ppm CO2. CO2 levels below this are marked as low relative risk for COVID-19 by OzSAGE.

Feature 2

Humidity & Temperature Readings

Humidity and temperature readings also allow you to monitor your house for conditions that are conducive to mould growth and proliferation of other allergens such as dust mites.

Feature 3

Continuous Monitoring for Optimal Health

Fresh Air Friend allows you to monitor ventilation in real-time, so you can stay one step ahead when it comes to air safety. As well as reducing your risk of breathing in airborne pathogens, well ventilated rooms also increase your energy levels, making it easier to concentrate and bring a range of other health benefits.

Super Simple Setup

Step 1

Step 1: Set Up

Unpack Fresh Air Friend and turn on with the press of a button. Wait a couple of minutes for the sensor to calibrate. Place or hold in a suitable location to get a representative measurement of CO2 levels where people are breathing.

Step 2

Step 2: Monitor Your Air

Regularly check the CO2 level readings from Fresh Air Friend. As well as a direct readout of CO2 in parts per million (ppm), ventilation levels are read at a glance through the colour coded LED: green indicates safe levels, yellow indicates suboptimal levels and red indicates unhealthy levels.

Step 3

Step 3: Respond to High CO2

If CO2 levels exceed the recommended range, take actions to improve the air you breathe. This could involve opening windows or doors, using fans, adjusting HVAC settings, reducing the number of people in the room, or going somewhere else. With Fresh Air Friend, you'll be able to stay safe and fresh always.

Air safety at a glance

Instantly assess ventilation safety levels through Fresh Air Friend's colour coded LED indicator

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0 - 700 ppm CO2

Safe CO2 levels


700 - 1500 ppm CO2

Suboptimal CO2 levels


1500 - 5000 ppm CO2

Unhealthy CO2 levels

CO2 monitoring opens doors to health and well-being

Here's how CO2 monitoring can help keep you and your loved ones in optimal health

Lower Risk of Airborne Illness

COVID-19 has made clear that safe, clean indoor air is not a luxury, but a necessity. CO2 sensors offer an affordable and effective solution to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 and other airborne infections. Just as invisible as the virus itself, poor ventilation in indoor spaces like homes, workplaces, and schools contribute to viral spread. Identifying high-risk areas through CO2 monitoring empowers you to make real changes that decrease the risk of infection.

Improved Cognitive Function

Research from Harvard University has shown that high levels of CO2 can impair cognitive function (cognitive scores were 15% lower at ~950 ppm and 50% lower at ~1400 ppm), and such high levels are commonplace in conventional office buildings. Lower CO2 levels in well-ventilated spaces contributes to better concentration and productivity.

Reduced Allergen Levels

Proper ventilation can help reduce levels of allergens like dust mites and pet dander, which can be beneficial for individuals with allergies or asthma.

Prevention of Mould Growth

Adequate ventilation helps reduce dampness and prevent the growth of mould, which can cause health issues.

Improved Sleep

Fresh, well-ventilated air can also contribute to better sleep, which in turn has numerous health benefits.

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